Viktor Fordell – Decades


In Viktor Fordell’s new solo exhibition Decades, you meet kids, in different forms of time travel. Anonymous and real, the clichéd narrative elements of children being scared, happy, looking cute and otherwise, serves as a form of instrument for the imposed ideas and values from the older generations. Being young functions here as a symbol for time, of not being your own person yet – making everyone the same.
The lonely kid is everyone.
Another important element in the exhibition is the Swedish traditional grandfather clock called “moraklocka”. This clock could be found in the homes of the upper classes in the 18th and 19th century. These clocks have been devalued and in this day and age can be bought for the lowest price set in the auction. Nobody wants these wooden clumsy time tellers these days. By using the grandfather clock as a readymade object with its significant aesthetic and history, Fordell aims to add new layers of locality and memory.
Fordell’s has a multimedia based practice where he works with collages and sculpture, consisting of photography, scavenged objects and imagery found on the internet. Rather than a clear narrative for the exhibition as a whole, we face an exhibition of many paradoxically overlapping imagery that simultaneously have more or less value. Images and materials are being reused and appropriated. His work emerges from the constant collecting, processing and cultivation of these materials where he explores his interest in common, unique and globalized references, codes and symbols.

Viktor Fordell lives and works in Stockholm.
He holds a BFA from Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. His work has been shown in exhibitions including, Solna Centrum at The Loon, Toronto, Inmost Light, Sorbus, Helsinki, Memory at Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, Love at First Flight, Belenius/Nordenhake, Stockholm, and he took also part in New Scenarios Body Holes project released during the 9th Berlin Biennale.

October 25 – November 24, 2019
Opening hours: Sundays 12 noon–4 PM
and by appointment until November 24.










191024_MEGA_VF_Nest of Abomination

191024_MEGA_VF_Nest of Abomination (detail 1)

Nest of Abomination, 2019
UV-print on Aluminium, paper, acrylic, plastic, glue
87 x 112 cm


191024_MEGA_VF_Untitled (Eye) (detail)

Untitled (Eye), 2019
Inkjet-print on canvas, acrylic, paper, glue
110 x 90 cm


191024_MEGA_VF_Rebecca (detail 2)

Rebecca, 2019
Canvas, acrylic, paper, glue, hair
52 x 42 cm


Mika, 2019
Inkjet-print on paper
22 x 30,5 cm

191024_MEGA_VF_Mademoiselle On A Gamble

191024_MEGA_VF_Mademoiselle On A Gamble (detail 1)

Mademoiselle On A Gamble, 2019
Canvas, paper, acrylic, glue
42 x 52 cm

191024_MEGA_VF_Den Lilla Prinsen_1

191024_MEGA_VF_Den Lilla Prinsen_2

191024_MEGA_VF_Den Lilla Prinsen (detail 1)

191024_MEGA_VF_Den Lilla Prinsen (detail 2)

191024_MEGA_VF_Den Lilla Prinsen (detail 3)

191024_MEGA_VF_Den Lilla Prinsen (detail 4)

Den Lilla Prinsen, 2019
Grandfather clock, electric motor, paper, glas, metal, wood, plastic, glue
223 x 51 x 30 cm

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