Camila Marambio & Cecilia Vicuña

Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja @ TEGEL May 28/ 17:30-20:00, Tegelviksgatan 51, 116 41 Stockholm


DISTANCIA – @ Zita Folkets Bio, Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 111 45 Stockholm
May 31/ 18:00 – 20:30 Screening + Q&A’s with the directors Camila Marambio and Carolina Saquel
The screening is free of charge, please write to to secure a ticket.

Invited by Maria Elena Guerra Aredal – MEGA Foundation, the founder and curator of ENSAYOS, Camila Marambio, will present her latest book 
‘Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja’, co-authored with renowned Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña. The two will perform from the book at Tegel on May 28 2019, and on May 31 2019 at Zita Folkets Bio, Marambio will screen the first season of the original web series DISTANCIA, co-directed with the artist Carolina Saquel.

Slow Down Fast / A Toda Raja (2019, Errant Bodies Press) is the latest collaboration between Cecilia Vicuña and Camila Marambio. In this intergenerational dialogue, curator Camila Marambio and Cecilia Vicuña, one of the most intriguing Indoamerican artists of our times, converse about mestizaje/miscenegation, ecological disaster, eroticism and decolonization in their multilingual, irreverent and humorous slang. The result is a unique book that presents a conversation that is both poetic and critical. 
The particular dialogue presented in the book crosses over from Spanish to English, from poetry to academic argumentation, and from art to science. It proposes a necessary method for de-colonial liberation, which reveals the transformative power of art in search of “an ecology of the soul, the resplendence of our connectivity to each other and the cosmos.” The book, which they began working on in 2015 through recorded meetings that were then transcribed, is published in Berlin by Errant Bodies Press, and will be presented by its authors in the context of Cecilia Vicuña’s retrospective ‘Seehearing the Enlightened Failure’ opening on May 26th at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam and at MEGA Foundation at Tegel, Stockholm on May 28 2019.

Camila Marambio asks: “So, the question is how can we revert this process of appropriation and corruption of indigenous knowledge  so that the renewed interest be a liberating force and not another form of masquerade colonization?”

Cecilia Vicuña answers: “We are the corrupted code, we have embodied it, and we reproduce it unwillingly. How else to understand our indifference  to self-destructiveness? Only through “decolonizing ourselves,” seeing our own trampas, pitfalls, can we begin to approach a true change.”