NEW ADDRESS: Tegelviksgatan 51, 116 41, Stockholm

MEGA Foundation is an intimate Stockholm-based gallery space, founded in 2015 by independent curator Maria Elena Guerra Aredal, exhibiting new contemporary work. The physical space in which it was originally situated had two simultaneous functions: a production facility for a fire-fighting system and an art space, thus giving the space its unique and experimental characteristics.

Starting in 2018, MEGA joined forces with yek (independent curator Asrin Haidari) to open a new contemporary art space, Tegel. The venue is shared between the two and they produce both joint and individual exhibitions and projects.

With support from Stockholms stad.

Open by appointment, and every Saturday during exhibitions. Please call or email for more information:
+46 (0)70 723 27 38

Earlier projects:
castillo y garlaschi 23.08-05.10.2014 | doldprojects | St Georgen, Germany

A.I.R. REMOTE | 04.08-19.08.2013 | Svedje, Sweden

Booty Dummy Demo 20.07-16.08.2013 | doldprojects | St Georgen, Germany