MEGA Foundation is an intimate Stockholm-based gallery space, founded in 2015 by independent curator Maria Elena Guerra Aredal, exhibiting new contemporary work.  The physical space in which it is situated has two simultaneous functions: production facility for a fire-fighting system and an art space, thus giving the space its unique and experimental characteristics.

NEW ADDRESS (from 2018): Tegelviksgatan 51, 116 41, Stockholm

Open by appointment, please call or email for more information:
+46 (0)70 723 27 38

Earlier projects:
castillo y garlaschi 23.08-05.10.2014 | doldprojects | St Georgen, Germany

A.I.R. REMOTE | 04.08-19.08.2013 | Svedje, Sweden

Booty Dummy Demo 20.07-16.08.2013 | doldprojects | St Georgen, Germany